“I help others unfold their creative wings.”

Why am I dedicating my life to this? I am convinced that this is the most promising way to overcome the most pressing challenges of our times. I believe that the solutions to the problems we face already exist. All it takes, is more creatively confident people, who courageously use what they have and do what they can in collaboration with others.

Markus Engelberger as a key note speaker at World Knowledge Forum in Seoul

Closing the
Creativity Gap.

8 out of 10 people feelthat creativity is critical to economic growth. Only 1 out of 4 believe they are living up to their full creative potential. (Adobe State of Create Study, 2016) Obviousely, there’s a gap between the need for creativity and the perceived ability of creativity. This gap can be closed by re-framing our definition of creativity and rediscovering our existing abilities to think and act creatively. Visualization and storytelling are wonderful vehicles to achieve this. Markus helps others spread their creative wings through experience-based trainings and uplifting, interactive presentations.


Creativity is always a means, never an end. As a Catalyst, Markus Engelberger helps to ignite, speed up and facilitate creativity to achieve measurable impact and change. Neuroscientists have shown that a picture is actually worth a thousand words to the human brain. This is why Markus works with tools that fit the brain’s preferred way to consume and digest information.

Visual Tools

When people see what they are saying, they understand what they are thinking. Depictions enable clarity. Pictures, metaphors, analogies and visual maps spark imagination, help to envision success and lead to good decisions in uncertain times. These are the reasons why Markus Engelberger works visually and refers to himself as a Visual Catalyst. Visual Catalyzation can take the shape of Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Strategic Visualization, Visual Storytelling or Sketchnoting. Markus also helps others to add Visual Catalyzation tools to their repertoire as leaders, facilitators and consultants. 

Individuals and teams that thrive

Today’s consulting solutions offers promises of salvation through Design Thinking, Agile, Scrums, Kanbans or Sprints. Without a doubt, it is necessary to find ways to deal with a fast-paced environment.

But no matter which approach, tool or methodology, at the end of the day it’s the individual and collective mindset which makes a difference. That’s why it is important not to forget about the basics like creating an attractive and clear vision, investing in a strong sense of belonging, pro-actively managing group dynamics and relationships, defining clear roles, managing perceived fairness and encouraging self-efficacy. These need to be aligned with organizational goals to lead to organizational success.

Markus Engelberger draws from 18+ years of working with teams, groups and individuals in combination with his experience in consulting, coaching and entrepreneurship to support your team on the pathway to success. 


Markus Engelberger started to draw in 1988. That is a pretty common thing for a 2 year old. What makes him stand out, is that he has never put away his pen and paper ever since.

In 1989, he started his first business. No, that ‘s a joke. Markus “worked” as a model for companies like Brother and IKEA.
Since 2001 he has been working in the fields of systems thinking, big group facilitation and experience-based learning. He has been practicing all the powerful tools for designing and leading group-experiences already back in his youth work days.
In 2008 he conceptualized, fundraised and launched a youth-center in Costa Rica.
Between 2009 and 2013 he worked as a Social Pedagogue in various NGO projects. During that period, he also invested in his formal education as a teambuilding expert, trainer for trainers, OD consultant and coach.
Following his north star, he started a consulting and teambuilding practice in 2013. Ever since, he has been using visual aids and tools and methodologies supportive of creativity and customer-centered innovation.
Today he is a partner of the world’s leading consultancies providing Graphic Recording, Visual Consulting, Illustrating and Storytelling services. Fortune 500s, mid-sized companies and event organizers hire him to design, lead and document meetings and events across the globe.


Being able to deliver the highest quality as a Graphic Recorder, Visual Catalyst and Creativity Enabler is a continuous investment. That’s why Markus Engelberger formed the Creative Tribe network. It is home to Europe’s best and brightest in the fields of Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Visual Consulting. Together, they explore, learn, and push the boundaries of their practice to shape the future.

Since Markus Engelberger provides his services worldwide, he joined the Global Learning and Exchange Network (GLEN). It is a san Francisco-based learning community that emerged from the Grove Consultants International, inventors of Graphic Facilitation. In the GLEN network Markus learns with David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling and many other, highly experienced OD consultants and Graphic Facilitators from around the globe.

Markus adheres to the high quality standards and ethical guidelines of ÖVS, DGS and ANSE, the Austrian, German and European associations for Coaching.

What is the work of a Visual Pracitioner all about?

This is a video featuring David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D. – Markus Engelberger’s partners & friends at GROVE Consulting International.
It was actually recorded in a series of videos that were shot to provide some more detailed information about the content of David’s and Gisela’s Designing & Leading Change Workshop in Vienna, Austria in the year 2018.

We re-post this here, as both of them are really on the spot, when answering Markus’ question “What does a Visual Catalyst (or Graphic Facilitator or Visual Facilitator or Visual Practitioner – terminologies which were used synonymosly at that time) actually DO?”.

In our eyes the inventors of this practice from San Francisco (they also talk a little bit about the roots of this practice and discipliine in the video) deliver the most comprehensive explanation of what it actually is, how it is being used and the value it actually adds.
So in addition to the explanations that you find on the rest of this website, we share this gem of a video with you.

If you are interested in contacting David, Gisela and GROVE Consultants International, we will be happy to be of assistance to you.
It is also definitely possible to involve our partners in your projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific Region and Africa.