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Markus Engelberger is a Senior Graphic Recorder, OD Consultant, Visualization Trainer, Team Building Expert and Coach.
He combines methodologies like Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Design Thinking, and Sketchnote Training to support your business. Although based in Vienna, he works globally and often serves clients in Zurich, London, and Dubai.

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Engage a Graphic Recorder for a workshop, meeting, event or process. Sketching and structuring ideas in real time enables clarity, creative thinking, meaningful discussions and decision making. Work with a Senior Graphic Recorder to see the bigger picture, engage in conversations that matter, find brilliant ideas and make better decisions.


Help others understand your strategy, message, or story. Use Graphic Recording principles to create a Target Picture, Change Story, Roadmap or presentations that inspire and stick. Strategy Consultants, Agile Leaders, and Process Facilitators love professional Storytelling and sympathetic Information Design by Markus Engelberger.

Visual Meeting

External facilitation helps you navigate complexity, think creatively, and solve problems so that you can make the right decisions and have the conversations you should have. Imagine a facilitator that not only moderates but is also a master of Design Thinking, Graphic Recording, and Graphic Facilitation.

Team Coaching &
Team Building

Your team will benefit from 18+ years of experience. Think of it as a buffet of business and leadership expertise: Coaching Techniques, Design Thinking, Strategic Consulting, Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Outdoor Team Building, and Effective Communication tools are all at your disposal.


Learn all about Graphic Recording, Sketchnotes, Visual Facilitation, and engaging presentations that you and your team need for work. Book Visualization trainings, workshops, and courses tailored to your specific learning goals. Use simple pictures to lead, solve problems, convince, sell, facilitate, and learn.

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Visualization trainings

Business Sketches

Business focused illustration crash-course for people with little time
Learn easy to apply tips and tricks. No theory. No deep dive. Only a selection of the most practical tools for beginners who want to create engaging flipcharts and presentations. No talent required.

Duration: 1/2 day
Group size: 3-18

Visual Literacy

The principles of Graphic Recording, Sketchnoting and Visual Facilitation
Shape a good story. Tell it in a way your audience simply gets. Learn how to use the tools of Storytelling and Visual Language to convey your exciting content in a similarly exciting manner.

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 3-18

Flipchart Doctor

WOW your audience with professional Flipchart Design
Craft flipcharts that attract attention, impress others and help you moderate an event. Refine your basic skills and design tailored flipcharts that serve your current practice as a moderator, trainer or leader.

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 3-18

Visual storytelling

Engage, inspire and make your message stick
Shape a good story. Tell it in a way your audience simply gets. Learn how to use the tools of Storytelling and Visual Language to convey your exciting content in a similarly exciting manner.

Duration: 2 days
Group size: 3-18

Business Pitch

Sell your ideas in a convincing way
Shaping an idea is the first part of success. Selling it, the other one. Use the most effective tools of Pitching, Storytelling and Sketching to be relevant, stand out and convince others to invest in your idea.

Duration: 2 days
Group size: 3-18

Visual Meeting Facilitation

Lead engaging and effective meetings
Visual Facilitation tools help you plan and execute effective meetings. Use inclusive and generative visual tools to focus attention, build communication bridges, generate ideas and enable better decisions.

Duration: 2 days
Group size: 3-18

Visual Coaching

Tools for team leaders that coach
Master tools that help you inspire and lead your team. Use simple sketches to enable clarity in meetings. Design templates to navigate the uncertain and uncomfortable. Reinvent appraisal interviews and resolve conflicts.

Duration: 3 days
Group size: 3-18

Visual Tools for virtual teams

Enable cross-cultural teams to thrive
Visual Language enables mutual understanding. Working visually is the basis for effective collaboration in culturally diverse teams. This is a training for teams who want to leverage diversity to achieve outstanding results.

Duration: 3 days
Group size: 3-18

Graphic Recording

Capture valuable ideas and results in a generative way
Learn how to synthesize, illustrate and map information in real time. Discover ways to use this easily accessible, highly engaging and inspiring way of taking notes to serve your team or group.

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 3-12
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