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As a Graphic Recorder, Markus Engelberger is a trusted partner and welcome guest in the international arenas of economy, politics, and academia.

Use Graphic Recording at your event to capture key messages, increase engagement, spark imagination, WOW your audience and use the results for marketing and communication.

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Classic Graphic

Graphic Recording with pens on paper usually Wow´s and engages your audience most. The paper role is mounted on a Graphic Wall which serves as a meeting point and conversation platform in breaks. Markus Engelberger also moderates Wrap ups in which he shares his insights and explains the picture.

Digital Graphic

Graphic Recording on the iPad is a second option. The Graphic Recorder´s work can be screened using a projector. The digital option often serves better in less interactive settings. The harvested key messages and -insights are at your disposal in a digital format. Moderation and Wrap Up also work with this version of Visual Scribing.

Key Message

This variation of Graphic Recording is all about producing tangible memories for take away. The Graphic Recorder captures key messages and moments on A4 sheets. These are then turned into giveaways for event participants in real time. Through the sympathetic and meaningful cards, your event will be present for a long time.


Markus Engelberger energizes groups, helps them unfold their creative wings and tap into their potential as Visual Thinkers and Sketchnoters. In an entertaining and interactive way, the audience learns about tools that can be used for novel and useful ideas, intercultural and intergenerational collaboration, life-long learning, storytelling, change work and strategic work in the 21st century.


You want to offer your audience an opportunity to apply their visual thinking skills in a workshop connected to the theme of your event? Or you simply want to allow for more time for practical tips and tricks about Sketchnotes, Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation as business tools? Request a tailored workshop.

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