As a Graphic Recorder, Markus Engelberger visually documents high-level conferences that bring together leading thinkers, shapers, and decision-makers, who explore the cutting edge of their respective field or practice.

Graphic Recording summarizes key messages of presentations, talks and dialogues in a way that supports your goals and aspirations.


Graphic Recording also creates value in intimate formats. It enables clarity, increases engagement, and allows for solution-oriented dialogue and knowledge-transfer.

To complement your meeting in the best possible way, Markus Engelberger uses stories, allegories and imagery to structure and communicate information for maximum effectiveness.

By mapping various opinions, questions and ideas in a purposeful and emotionally accessible manner, he sparks participants’ creativity and helps groups develop a shared understanding to make informed decisions.

At the end of the day you will receive a visual product that tells the story of your event. The content generated in real-time will continue to create value long after the conference is over. The entire Graphic Recording, or parts of it, can be used for presentations, reports, and other communication materials.

I want to use Graphic Recording to capture the key messages of my event.

Customer feedback

Formats that benefit from using Graphic Recording
and Visual Catalyzation


General Annual Meetings Future Conferences Symposiums

Strategy, Change & Transformation Formats

Vision Processes
Strategic Sessions
Strategy Sprints
Board Meetings
Multilateral Stakeholder Dialogues

Problem-solving & Innovation Formats

Stakeholder Consultation
Focus Groups
Design Thinking Sessions
Design Sprints
Idea Labs
Open Innovation Sessions
World Cafes
Unconferences & Bar Camps


Award Ceremonies
Demo Days
Employee Days /Incentives

 I want to use Graphic Recording to make my meeting more inclusive, engaging and effective.


Graphic Recording documents your conference, meeting or event in real-time. The final product consists of words and visuals, either on paper or a digital device. Professional Graphic Recording is always designed and implemented in a way that supports the  goals of your conference, meeting, or event. 

Graphic Recording can be performed in different formats, in different physical locations, and on different media. 

Graphic Recording makes ideas, feelings, and needs visible in a structured form. It enables clarity, mutual understanding, inspiration, imagination, and trust. 
On top of that, live illustration mesmerizes audiences and helps them build an emotional connection to abstract or complex ideas.

After having agreed on the framework of the collaboration, a professionally guided planning process ensures that Graphic Recording seamlessly integrates into your event and helps you achieve your goals. After the event there are several ways of using the Graphic Recording. Markus Engelberger is happy to help you identify the ideal solution for you. 

Even if it is executed away from to the audience, Graphic Recording creates value. But its true potential is realized if groups are able to interact with the evolving documentation. 
For the best results, Graphic Recording should be seamlessly embedded into the design of the room, the agenda, and the moderation. Only then will it become a true Game-Changer that focuses attention and drives engagement as it eventually enables everybody who is present to become an ambassador for your event:  
Event participants are empowered to communicate their key takeaways with the outside world in an easy and fun way. 

As it is closely linked with the information, dynamics, and mood of the respective environment, each Graphic Recording product is unique. Participants love to come to the Graphic Wall and take snapshots of the ideas that matter to them.
The Graphic Recording product is often used in presentations, folders, reports and other communication materials. Thus, the visually enhanced documentation creates value long after the conference, meeting or event is over. 

Because process and product are very much influenced by the service provider’s unique abilities as a listener, thinker, and illustrator. 
The level of self-awareness about blind-spots and biases, as well as experience and depth of expertise in the topics discussed, will inevitably and immediately reflect in the emerging Graphic Recording piece. 
If you value a relevant, structured, and aesthetically pleasing documentation, you should only consider service providers that are best able to fulfill your expectations. 

Since his name stands for the highest quality, Markus only takes on jobs where he feels he can truly deliver the best value. 
Markus Engelberger specializes in capturing high-level Future Conferences and assisting Consultancies in their work. 
In the event of mismatch, he will connect you with trusted partners.  
Those partners share Markus Engelberger’s understanding of a Graphic Recorder’s role. They also take continuous self-improvement seriously and are able to deliver Graphic Recording services at a comparable level of quality.  
However, each and every one of them has a different field of expertise. 

Markus Engelberger’s team consists of highly experienced consultants, moderators, photographers, videographers and event organizers. 
If you are looking for a professional moderator or are thinking about getting a video of your event that captures content on a level Graphic Recording can’t, please ask for these services. 
Save money by booking those services in combination with Graphic Recording.