Visual Catalyst: Wenn Bilder mehr als Worte sagen, 01.07.2019

Markus Engelberger on why giving people back their creative confidence is his secret mission (german only)

Interview at the World Knowledge Forum 2018 in Seoul

Markus Engelberger at the World Knowlege Forum 2018 in Seoul on why Graphic Recording is like extreme sports

Graphic Recording at Intelak Pitching Boot Camp (timelapse video)

And this is how a Graphic Recording evolves! Markus Engelberger created this one in real time for a tech startup conference in Dubai, April 2018

Intelak Pitching Boot Camp (Workshop)

Markus Engelberger on his work as communication expert for a tech startup hub in Dubai, April 2018.

Vienna+25: Building Trust – Making Human Rights a Reality for All

Graphic Recording by Markus Engelberger for the Vienna+25 Human Rights conference in Vienna, May 2018

Graphic Recording is more than drawing quickly, April 2017

Markus Engelberger at stayinart magazine on what Graphic Recording is, how he started in the profession, and why a good Graphic Recorder has to do more than „just“ draw.