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Graphic Recording, that visually documents an innovation format in Dubai

Your content.
My experience.
Impactful visuals.

Markus Engelberger is an empathic listener, a sharp thinker and a fast executer.
He collaborates with some of the world’s most influential leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, consultants and events and delivers premium Graphic Recording and Visual Catalyzation services globally.

“My superpower is to turn walls into doors. These doors lead to worlds of clarity, inspiration and opportunities.”

Markus Engelberger specializes in graphically recording cut-edge conferences, visually catalyzing multilateral dialogue processes, and co-facilitating very intimate formats, such as board meetings, offsites and strategic sessions.

Markus designs and leads
qualification formats
that help you communicate
effectively, inclusively
and convincingly.

As a Graphic Recorder, Markus Engelberger is a trusted partner and welcome guest in the international arenas of economy, politics, and academia. Pioneering Visual Catalyzation, he assists innovation, change and transformation using visual tools, techniques and methodologies.

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Condensing more than 18 years of experience in supporting organizations, groups and individuals to thrive and combining them with insights, stemming from training 6.000+ leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants in using visual aids and tools to make a difference, he developed the Visual Catalyzation Methodology
Markus trains leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants, who want to harness state of the art techniques in communication, problem-solving and sales.

Tailored Visual Catalyzation formats help them master methodologies like Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation or Sketchnoting. All workshops, trainings and courses are designed to help leaders, doers and shapers thrive in a digitized, highly connected and fast spinning world.

Discover the power of pen and paper (or digital device) to explore, develop, document, present and sell ideas!

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Markus assists organizations
with bold aspirations
and the means to
make things happen.