Use, experience and learn to harness the power of working visually.

Markus Engelberger is an organizational consultant, coach, moderator, trainer and illustrator. Since 2013 he offers Graphic Recording services for organizations and events worldwide.

Are you looking for a consultant for your change project in Vienna, Strategic Illustration in Zurich or a Graphic Recorder in Dubai? You have found what you are looking for!

Graphic Recording

Reduce or increase complexity. Make connections visible and knowledge usable. Capturing content and translating processes visually in real time creates value for events and meetings alike.

Strategic Illustration

Target pictures, strategic roadmaps, dialogue images, business sketches & infographics.
Use communication tools that focus attention, emotionalize content and present the essential messages in a way everybody gets.


“My superpower is to turn walls into doors. These doors lead to worlds of clarity, inspiration and opportunities.”

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Meeting Facilitation

Shaping the future together, ending up with decisions that are accepted and developing plans that are implemented.
Meetings happen the heartbeat of your organization. Don’t let their design, flow and success be subject to coincidence – neither in virtual space, nor Face 2 Face.

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